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The HGA House


A tragedy caused by an electrical fire in December of 2008, gave way to one of Long Island’s most recognized sustainable homes. This Certified LEED Platinum project broke ground just 9 months after it burned down. The reconstruction included a 1,500 square ft. addition while integrating multiple renewable energy systems including a 100,000 kW Thin-Film Photo Voltaic system built into the roof, Solar Water heating for domestic hot water and pool heating, a geothermal heat pump, and rainwater harvesting. The HGA house was certified Carbon Neutral by VERSUS-Carbon Neutral Partnership (Atlanta, GA) and awarded a 95+ HERS energy rating (a score that was considered unachievable for an addition/renovation project of this size). The project was also featured on Plum TV, a local television network, which produced 3 two-minute spots, as well as a half-hour documentary of the project. The original residents moved back into their home on March 2010 and use approximately 50% less energy than the original 3000 sq ft home.

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