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Featuring the Stair Detail in the
Main House

Water Mill Pool House


The system provides hot water, daylight, shade, protection, and insulation – all at the same time. This pool house provides amenities such as a bathroom, shower, kitchenette for refreshments and drinks, a protected indoor area for games, relaxation, and shade from the sun, as well as winter storage for the pool, patio furniture, and toys. The system provides heat for the pool in the summer months. It assists in domestic hot water year-round and preheats water for the boiler located in the main house 90 feet away during the heating season. Insulated pipes are run underground from the pool house to a heat exchanger in the basement of the main house. By using translucent polycarbonate instead of opaque roofing, the system produces both diffused light and shade for the exterior covered porch and interior areas of the building, while collecting energy from the sun.

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