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This 30 minute call puts you in direct contact with Ric Stott, AIA, LEED AP. By the end of your call, you will:

  •  Have a realistic budget range

  • Understand the roadblocks your project might encounter

  • Know exactly what steps to take next

For a limited time only we are offering free feasibility calls to Long Island property owners and developers with plans for a high-end build or whole building renovation. (by application only)

Here is what you get:

  •  Road map showing you the design and construction process from start to finish

  •  Our hand-picked list of experts who can help you  at each stage of the process

  •  Costs guide worksheet with ballpark cost estimate for your project

  •  Project specific checklists for key tasks

  •  One-on-one FREE 30-minute consultation with an expert to answer your questions and point you towards the right people and resources

  •  Monthly email tips and strategies to maximize your success

Before You Start
Your Building Project

The #1 cause of budget overruns is rushing to the design phase before completing research and analysis. This is like a doctor rushing a patient to surgery without a proper diagnosis. An out of control project is stressful, massively expensive, and unnecessary.


The solution is successful planning. This is why we created the Project Planning Pack.


On a daily basis, our team receives requests for us to recommend design professionals. To make this process easier, I have listed many of the design professionals that we trust for specific types of projects. Not only do they do a great job, but they provide excellent advice, as well. These are the experts we trust explicitly. Of course there are hundreds of team players out there, we can't guarantee how anyone will perform at a given time, but this list of professionals have worked with us successfully, so we feel comfortable in suggesting they will work well for you too.

Trusted Building 

Understanding WHAT to do is one obstacle and working out WHO will help you is another.

Ric Stott has often volunteered to lead the Ox Pasture Road Walking Tour for the Southampton History Museum.

Ox Pasture


Walking Tour

Ox Pasture Road is one of the oldest roads in Southampton Village. 

Its history includes some of the most notorious and infamous estates and merchant-class families in the United States.

This mile-long stretch is full of magic and suspense. Download the PDF to peek behind the hedges and learn more about the history of the Village and its people. 

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